Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm Still Here

It's been some time since I posted and I haven't been doing a lot of riding. I have driven the La Fortuna route to preview the ride. I was also out doing a slightly longer loop from home when I had one of my shift levers fall apart.

I could use that, the weather, the holidays, or any number of other excuses for not riding more. The truth is that I've been lazy. Today, I finally got on the bike and decided to post this short route just to show that I still have good intentions. This ride is short, but has 2800 ft of climbing. Most of the climbing is between Zarcero and Palmira and it's very scenic.

This is my latest bike. It's a steel Novara Randonee touring bike that I picked up in California in October. I'm still deciding how satisfied I am with this bike. I had problems with the shift lever for the rear derailleur and had it fall apart again recently. REI is sending me a new set, but I have it together well enough to ride.

This is the view from in front of our house. This ride starts at the school in La Palmita. Head south down to the highway and turn right to Zarcero.

Here's some of the famous topiary in the park.

The church has recently been restored and the inside is well worth a visit. Turn right just past the church and start climbing.

The road is narrow, but the traffic is light and slow,

It started raining when I was about half-way to Palmira. The rules clearly state that when it the rainfall is not hard enough to put out your cigarette, you must continue.

Main street. Palmira at rush hour. Turn around here. If you have been thinking of continuing on to see the waterfall  that is in Bajo del Toro, be advised that there are 10 Km of very steep, narrow, mostly unpaved roads ahead of you.

You have earned a great downhill run back to Zarcero.

Turn left at the park. You may want to get a coffee and spend some time in the park before continuing back to La Palmita. You can get coffee just about anywhere, but Osman's Market across from the park also has expresso drinks.

Here's a link to the map, route slip, and elevation profile.